BQ Witbox Go

Made in Spain

• Winner of the international Red Dot design award
• The first printer with an Android OS
• Zetup, in-house software that is easy to use
• Printing in 3D for everyone, in just minutes
• Filament and print bed sensors

Quality printing has never been so easy

The Witbox Go is a smart 3D printer that automates a large part of the printing processes and requires almost no setting up. The texture of its removable bed provides good adherence for the object, and its sensors halt the printing if the bed is not positioned correctly, the extruder clogs up or the filament runs out. And thanks to the Trinamic motor-control chip, it's very silent. It's a simple and small 3D printer designed for simple use. Witbox Go is a revolution in user experience: improved Wi-Fi connectivity, NFC, easy OTA-updates and mobile based printing. One-click 3D Printing made in Europe!

Technical specifications