Grand Pharaoh XD Plus Dual

High Definition Network 3D Printer with Touchscreen


- 3D printing with maximum convenience and connectivity
- Pharaoh Touch™ software on a high-resolution touchscreen
- Dual material feeders
- Full licence of Simplify3D® software
- Prints objects up to 20 cm diameter x 20 cm height

Delta Technology

Better mechanics for 3D Printer
Compared to conventional 3D printers, MP Pharaoh® can print at faster real world speeds with lower levels of vibration and noise. These are important comfort considerations if the printer is used on a daily basis (school, home or office). Linear guides ensure smooth and precise movements.

Stable Construction

Sturdy aluminium extrusion frame
In order to acchieve best printing quality and sure first layer material adhesion to the printbed, Mass Portal® Pharaoh® 3D printers are designed and built with a geometric stability reserve, starting from frame. An added benefit is that Mass Portal® Pharaoh® 3D printers can be transported with minimum worries.

Pharaoh® Print Head

To go with delta print speed
Mass Portal designed, all-metal Pharaoh® printing head with two heating elements can efficiently melt filament at temperatures up to 300°C for sustained high quality printing at faste real-world speed. Exchangeable brass nozzles with 0.2, 0.4 and 0.8 mm diameter allow the printer to be adapted to different materials and printing needs. Layer height: 0.01 mm to 0.7mm mm. LED illumination of printed objects.

Multi-material printing

Up to three extruders
The Grand Pharaoh® supports printing with up to three compatible materials simultaneausly, using any of the nozzles and resolutions available for single material printing. You can print with multiple colors of the same material for a multi-color print, or print the support structure with a compatible model-support material combo — Mass Portal is working with materials vendors on a recommended and tested materials solution.

Heated Print Bed

Flexibility to print with different materials
Heated glass print bed (up to 120°C) allows printing ABS and other plastic materials with good object adhesion to the print bed. Use of the heated bed in an enclosed printing chamber minimizes deformations of objects printed with ABS thermoplastic.

Enclosed Printing Chamber

Transparent front and side doors allow easy access and observation of printing process, aided by LED illumination. Closed printing chamber helps keeping temperature stable for printing ABS plastic materials.