There Are 800 3D Printers in Libraries Worldwide (and There Could Be a Lot More)

According to this Google Map (see below), there are now over 800 3D printers in libraries across the world. This number could actually be significantly higher as the libraries present in Google Maps are mostly from the US or English-speaking countries such as the UK and Australia, while it is very likely that Chinese libraries alone could have three to five times as many. Read More
Belgian students create 3D printed robotic hand that interprets sign language for the deaf

A group of engineers from the University of Antwerp in Belgium have put their skills towards good with the invention of a 3D printed humanoid robot that can translate speech into sign language. The inspirational bot is called “Project Aslan,” which stands for Antwerp’s Sign Language Actuating Node. Read More
Urban Cabin: A 3D Printed Cabin Created by the DUS Architects

The use of 3D printing technology in creating innovative and cost efficient infrastructures is now being recognized all over the world. Read More
3D Scans of 7,500 Famous Sculptures Available Online to Download and 3D Print

A few weeks ago, the world-renowned British Museum made a 3D model of the Rosetta Stone—one of its most prized and popular artifacts—available online. Read More
15 Most Famous Sculptures You Need to Know

Working in three dimensions, throughout history sculptors have worked to shape marble, bronze, wood, and other materials into incredible forms. And from our earliest times, sculpture has been an important way to understand culture and society, whether from portrait busts of great leaders or symbolic renderings of ethical principals. Read More
La modélisation 3D pour l’étude des volumes? « Oui on peut! »

Des élèves de 4e année (CM1) du primaire identifient l’impression 3D comme la solution idéale à leur démarche pédagogique… et fabriquent leur propre imprimante! Read More
Exocet, le sac mutant

Les machines ont déshumanisé le monde, souvenons-nous que nous descendons des arbres. C'est globalement cette idée qui a servi de leitmotiv à la genèse d'Exocet, la marque de sacs et accessoires en pleine expansion de Yasmine Jaber et Morning Lau. Read More
9 Benefits of 3D Printing

3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) has already been adopted by many big names to replace their current prototyping methods and even to be used as part of the manufacturing process. Read More
Hong Kong hospital makes 3D printed models of foetuses available to expectant parents

We reported not so long ago on one of the more curious applications of 3D printing technology in the medical sector, which is the production of replica foetuses. Expectant parents can order a 3D printed model of their unborn baby, which serves as an intimate memento to commemorate their experience of the pregnancy as well as allowing them to touch their child as it is in utero. Read More
The possibilities of 3D printing in the landscape architecture field

3D printing may seem like a relatively new technology with its recent popularity and accessibility, but it has actually been around since the 1980s. Read More
At Apple's new summer camp, high school kids can build the next big thing

In a nondescript Apple office building in Cupertino, California, a group of engineers has spent the past four weeks working feverishly on the next big thing in consumer hardware, prototyping a water-saving shower head, a new version of the Apple Watch, and a “smart” water bottle. Read More
Paving the Way for the UK’s 3D Printed Future

On a damp Wednesday afternoon in Yorkshire, a factory floor is busy churning out bespoke metal parts for industries including aerospace, motor sport and automobile at a pace which would have been unimaginable without 3D printing. Read More
University Uses 3D Printing to Bring Ancient Greek Artifacts to Life

Students from the Victoria University in Wellington are using 3D printing for hands-on learning experience with ancient Greek artifacts. Read More
Une veste intégralement imprimée en 3D et personnalisable

Coco Chanel disait : « Pour être irremplaçable, il faut être différent. » S’il y a une styliste qui a construit son travail autour de cette maxime c’est bien Danit Peleg. Cette jeune designer Israélienne vient de divulguer la première pièce de prêt-à-porter intégralement imprimée en 3D disponible à la vente en ligne. Read More
British Museum Embarks on New Dimension in Home Shopping

Thanks to the wonders of 3D scanning and printing, you’ll soon be able to buy a perfect replica of your favorite item from the British Museum. Read More
Stratasys Releases White Paper on Full Color 3D Printing for Education

In a newly released white paper, author Professor Denis Cormier of RIT, in partnership with Stratasys, explores the diverse ways educators and students are benefiting from full-color, multi-material 3D printing. Read More
7 Ways 3D Printers Will Have The Power To Change The World

Businesses should be excited because they're about to make a lot of money thanks to 3D printing. In the past, something as simple as creating a plastic mold would have cost a great deal of money. Now you just need a product engineer to come up with a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file and you're ready to go. Read More
Most companies still not taking full advantage of 3D printing, AI and IoT, according to survey of CEOs

We have seen countless examples of the ways in which 3D printing technology can improve the performance of a business and completely revolutionize the way it operates. A recent survey carried out by Gartner, however, has shown that company executives are not taking advantage of the full potential of this and other cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Read More
Printing the future, one piece at a time

If you happened upon 325 W. 38th St. in New York in March, you probably noticed something a bit futuristic inside. Behind an array of ultramodern furniture sat a giant BigRep 3-D printer, from which new home furnishings began to take shape as if by magic. Read More
3-D Printed Furniture Company Print the Future Opens NYC Pop-Up

Print the Future, a new technology startup that offers custom 3D printed furniture, has opened a pop-up store in New York City at 325 W. 38th Street. Designed in collaboration with Lori Dennis, top interior designer and star of HGTV's The Real Designing Women, the concept store puts the cutting-edge 3D printing process on display. Read More
3D printed fetuses: The Hottest Parenting Trend of 2016

Finding out you are a parent-to-be is stressful enough, with a million and one decisions that need to be made, and each one potentially affecting your offspring’s health and happiness. Will they wear cloth or disposable diapers? Breastmilk or formula? And most importantly, will you choose to remember your darling unborn with a boring old 2D ultrasound photo, or with a life-size 3D printed fetus model you can actually old in your hands? Believe it or not, more than a quarter of UK parents would readily choose the latter. Read More
Hold your baby before it is even born, thanks to Mcor 3D printing

Finding out you are a mother-to-be is stressful enough, with so many decisions that need to be made early on in pregnancy, decisions that can ultimately affect your child’s health and wellbeing. Ladies, you may find yourselves asking “Should I breastfeed my baby or use formula? How often should I take folic acid?”, etc etc. Read More
Can You Guess What 3 Industries Are Getting Innovative With 3D Printing? Hint: It's Not The Tech Industry.

It may be difficult to believe now, but 3D printing started as a niche technology. It was expensive and not readily available, and not many people understood its potential. Today, that's no longer the case. Brands, people and organizations are using 3D printing methods across industries like construction, vehicle and product manufacturing, retail and shipping, real estate and even medical. Read More
Nantes, pionnier dans l’impression 3D de logements sociaux

Et si demain nous étions capables de construire nos maisons en moins d’un mois. C’est le challenge que vient de se lancer l’office HLM Nantes Métropoles Habitat (NMH). Dès le mois de septembre, une imprimante 3D géante sera chargée de réaliser, en 72 heures, un logement social de 95 m². Read More
L’impression 3D entre en piste au Cirque du Soleil

Le Cirque du Soleil est l’un des plus grands cirques du monde aujourd’hui : cette entreprise canadienne de divertissement se distingue par toutes les acrobaties mises en œuvre et l’absence d’animaux, offrant à son public une véritable expérience. La compagnie a récemment dévoilé ses costumes dont certaines parties sont imprimées en 3D. Read More
Report Reveals 95% of Shoppers Are Excited About 3D Printed Products (Infographic)

A new report by Interactions Daymon focusing on retail technology discovered that shoppers interviewed are ready for technology to enrich their experience. In particular, as many as 95% of the consumers reported that they are excited about 3D printed products and many would be happy to pay more for a fully customized product. See or download the infographic for the full picture. Read More
Nike Jumping into 3D Printed Shoes with Prodways

Sneaker giant Nike partners with Prodways on 3D printed shoes to reduce manufacturing time and cost, while enhancing performance for wearers. Read More
95% of shoppers eager to buy 3D printed products, retail survey finds

There is no question that the shopping experience has changed drastically over the last decade or so. Remember when you had to go to the store to buy something you wanted? Now, with major online retailers like Amazon and virtually every retail company having its own website and online shop, consumers are finding it easier and easier to buy things with the click of a button. Read More
BQ Hephestos 2 Review: 3D Printer In-depth Test

Can a 3D printer be open source AND offer a stress-free experience? In his BQ Hephestos 2 review, Thomas Sanladerer reckons this machine comes pretty close. Read More
Bilingual Learning With 3D Printing at Elementary School

Javier Montiel is a forward-thinking educator solving old problems with new technology; he’s using LulzBot 3D printers to help his students learn basic concepts in phonetics. Montiel teaches bilingual learning at Velasco Elementary School, located within Greater Houston’s Brazosport Independent School District. His 3D printed models of syllables in the Spanish language are an effective and innovative study aid. Read More
June Model of the Month is a 3D Printed House used for Planning a New Home!

It is often said that moving house is one of the most stressful life events along with getting married and becoming a parent. All of these things however are also some of the happiest moments of your life and the stress involved is normally hidden in part by the excitement felt. The stress can also be alleviated in several ways, the most important of which is planning! Read More
3D Printing Architecture Models: A Beginner’s Guide

Once you start designing in the digital domain, the benefits are pretty clear. You can alter your digital model, try out variations on the fly and visualize problems easily. The following tutorial will guide you through the process of 3D printing architectural models. Without getting out your model-building material, you’ll be able to quickly visualize your idea. Read More
How 3D-printing a custom blazer in 90 minutes might change the fashion business

With its tidy racks of dress shirts, trousers and sweaters, the Ministry of Supply shop looks, in many ways, similar to other clothing stores. That is, except for the 10-foot-long 3-D knitting machine positioned next to the checkout counter: The one that weighs as much as a car, is outfitted with 4,000 needles and can manufacture a customised blazer in about 90 minutes. Read More
Volkswagen launches pilot project for 3D printing spare parts

While 3D printing is becoming increasingly established in the automotive industry as a valuable tool for prototyping, a growing number of car manufacturers are now looking to broaden those possibilities even further. Recently, German car company Volkswagen joined those ranks, launching a new initiative that will use 3D printing as a viable avenue for producing spare car parts. Read More
L’université de Warterloo construit l’un des plus grands centres universitaires d’impression 3D

Etablissement public de recherche situé en plein cœur du « Technology Hub » du Canada, l’Université de Warterloo a levé au total 27 millions de dollars canadiens pour renforcer le développement de son laboratoire de fabrication additive. Leader dans les domaines de l’innovation et de transfert de technologie, l’université dispose d’un pôle impression 3D destiné à améliorer les procédés de fabrication additive métallique, développer des logiciels de contrôle qualité et des systèmes d’intelligence artificielle. Read More
Son rouleau à pâtisserie s’offre l’or au concours Lépine

Rodol’f, c’est un rouleau à pâtisserie qui fait office de verre doseur. À l’intérieur, on peut y glisser un tire-bouchon, un ouvre-boîtes, une paire de ciseaux, un économe, un fouet, une passoire… Read More
Is this the end of dressing rooms? Gap reveals app that lets you virtually try on clothes without leaving home Read more: ht

Gap will soon let customers try on clothes without setting foot in a physical store. The firm unveiled a new pilot app, called the DressingRoom, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where customers can 'try on' clothes in an augmented reality experience. Read More
3D Printing Industry Awards winners announced

oining us in Chelsea Old Town hall for the evening was an esteemed guest list of professionals from across the industry, including representatives of 3D Systems, Siemens, Ultimaker, Zortrax, Desktop Metal, Shining 3D, Markforged, Zortrax, Sinterit, HP, Dassault Systèmes, DWS, Autodesk, Polymaker and UCL. Read More
Danit Peleg, la diseñadora que imprime colecciones de moda en 3D desde su casa

Ahora trabaja en su segunda colección, después de que la primera diese la vuelta al mundo y su éxito la llevase a diseñar un vestido para los Juegos Paralímpicos de Río 2016 Read More

Architects, as well as engineers and construction (AEC) professionals, know there isn’t any substitute for transforming your ideas into physical 3D objects that you, your clients, and other stakeholders can hold in your hands. But handcrafted models are expensive and can take weeks to complete. Often accuracy is compromised as models are scaled down, resulting in longer approval processes, unmet expectations and lost business. Read More
Genius inventor,43, is helping scores of children by making state-of-the-art Spider-Man and Harry Potter-themed prosthetic arms in his garden.

From the outside, it’s the most ordinary of garden sheds. But hidden within is a state- of-the-art workshop where a brilliant designer makes prosthetic arms to help scores of children. Read More
Five New 3D Models Of Ancient Artifacts That Are Changing How We Interact With Museums

Newly released 3D models of antiquities from the British Museum allow more digital access to ancient objects than ever before. Projects being developed by a small group of proactive digital archaeologists are changing the way we encounter, interact with, and take the museum experience home with us. Read More

Being a surgeon is stressful at the best of times. Every time America’s surgeons walk into an operating theater, they are taking someone’s life into their hands, literally. The smallest mistake could be fatal, and because every one of us is built a little bit differently, there are often unexpected surprises beneath the surface. When that happens, surgeons have to respond quickly to something they weren’t prepared for. And feeling unprepared in the middle of an operation isn’t a situation anyone would wish for. Read More
Holistic medical school uses photorealistic paper-based 3D printing to train emerging doctors to diagnose and cure patients

Renown graduate university continually expands applications for versatile paper-based 3D printing. “Students learn differently. The more senses you can touch the better. 3D printing offers 2-3 additional ways to learn.” Read More
If the Shoe Fits: 3D Printing and the Future of Manufacturing Footwear

Adidas has announced that it plans to 3D print 100,000 shoe soles of its Futurecraft 4 shoe by 2018. The German shoe and apparel company is doubling down on its Future Factories initiative where it is reshoring the production of shoes to Germany in highly automated factories. Read More
3D Printed Violin Marries Digital Technology with Classic Crafting Techniques

Full disclosure – while I have 3D printed many small items, I’ve never attempted anything very large or composed of many pieces. Part of that is because I haven’t worked with 3D printers with especially large build areas, but like most 3D printing enthusiasts, I have some grand ambitions. Read More
Op-Ed | What 3D Printing Means for Fashion

3D printing has significant implications for luxury garments, shoes and bags, as well as jewellery, eyewear and watchmaking, argues Pascal Morand. Read More
Une imposante statue imprimée en 3D par Initial est exposée au salon Révélations

Du 4 au 8 mai 2017 se tient le salon Révélations au Grand Palais à Paris : la biennale internationale des métiers d’art et de création contemporaine est une occasion de présenter des œuvres d’exception internationales qui mettent en avant le savoir-faire de l’artiste. Une statue imprimée en 3D de 1m80 de Stéphane Simon y est exposée, œuvre qui a été réalisée en collaboration avec « Les Créations » d’Initial, la branche spécialisée dans l’impression 3D du Groupe Prodways. Read More
Four Ways 3D Printing May Render Traditional Manufacturing Obsolete

Imagine a world where everything is printable: a world void of lack. This may seem impossible but with recent advancements in 3D technology, there’s a chance we could get there someday. The concept of 3D printing isn’t particularly new; it’s been around since the 1980s. Many thought it was one of those flash-in-the-pan innovations that’d fizzle out after the initial hype. Read More
Zalando ponders opening stores in major cities: Manager Magazin

Online fashion retailer Zalando is pondering opening stores in major cities such as London, Paris or Berlin, the company's co-chief executive told Germany's Manager Magazin. Read More
Brands see the future of fashion in customized 3D-knitted garments produced while you wait

One of the futuristic promises of 3D printing in fashion was that one day the technology would allow you to walk into a store, give the staff your measurements, and walk out with a garment made on the spot, just for you. Read More
A 3D Model Can Make You Clairvoyant! April Model of the Month: Futuristic Topographic City Map

I am sure you would all agree that it would often be handy to have a crystal ball to see into the future! Well with 3D printing it is possible to become somewhat clairvoyant and our model of the month for April does just that – gives a physical glimpse of the future! Read More
Santa Monica restaurant Mélisse reinvents classic French onion soup with 3D printed twist

Nothing can quite compare to the satisfying crunch of a salty crouton in a salad or soup. But if you thought the classic crouton could not be improved upon, we suggest you check out these elaborate 3D printed croutons made by Josiah Citrin, the chef and co-owner of Santa Monica-based restaurant Mélisse. Read More
ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer and the PancakeBot Among Tech On Display at MODA's "Food by Design" Exhibit

“We see a growing interest in food 3D printing and thick paste 3D printing in general and there’s still a huge potential for new applications of ZMorph’s Thick Paste Extruder,” ZMorph Founder and CEO Przemek Jaworski told of the interest at MODA and overall in food 3D printing. “Exhibits like Food by Design inspire people to look for these new applications by showing that materializing even the wildest idea is possible with the help of modern technology.” Read More
Donald Trump veut interdire l’impression 3D aux Etats-Unis !

Le président américain Donald Trump fait encore parler de lui avec l’annonce d’un nouveau décret qui interdirait “la commercialisation d’équipements, d’applications et d’outils ayant un lien avec la fabrication additive, également appelé impression 3D” Cette mesure, annoncée à l’occasion de l’usine Ford de Daytona, en Floride, devrait prendre effet à l’automne 2017 et a déjà entraîné de vives réactions et incertitudes de la part d’entreprises américaines comme MakerBot, Stratasys ou encore 3D Systems. Read More
L’impression 3D expliquée aux enfants

L’impression 3D consiste à imprimer des objets réels depuis un ordinateur et une imprimante 3D. Le terme « 3D » signifie « trois dimensions », ce qui caractérise les objets en volume. Read More
Hamilton Refreshes Ventura Watch Range with 3D Printed Dial

Famous for introducing the battery-powered watch, Hamilton debuts three new versions of its Ventura timepiece at Baselworld. One with a 3D printed face. Read More

3D printing has become a popular new technology in the past few years, and shoe companies have been experimenting with how to use this technology to improve their products. Read More
Our TOP 12 list of self-assembled 3D printers

While the majority of FDM 3D printers sold on the market are plug & play models, most of them originated in the RepRap project that was initiated by Adrian Bowyer in 2005 (a movement that still exists today with 3D printing kits). So, to help you decide on your next self-assembled 3D printer (For all you DIY makers and DIY enthusiasts out there), the 3Dnatives team is here to give you our top 12 selection of 3D printers that you can assemble yourself! Read More
Curious about 3D printing in color? then let us explain!

These are always questions that may arise as you begin taking an interest in 3D printing, and one of these areas where we see many questions asked is when it comes to 3D printing in color. Most people, when 3D printing, want a product that is as true to reality as possible, but may not know how to achieve that. Read More
4 Famous Restaurants that Use 3D Printers

While 3D printing is still in an adoption stage, its potential influence is massive. Many technologists have stated that it will inevitably play a dominant role in our lives. Nowhere is this clearer than food printing. Food printing takes all the usual benefits of 3D printing (less manpower, efficiency etc.) and applies it to the culinary arts. It also allows for users to get creative with intricate food designs. Read More

Download the free 3D models of candidates for the French presidential 2017. Print them in 3D with your 3D printer or via the 3D printing service 3D Prod. Read More
A World Powered By Paper!

In all the years I have been working in paper based 3D printing it never ceases to amaze me just how little expectation people have of paper! We have grown up with paper, it is such an integral part of our lives but unfortunately we are oblivious to it! And yet paper does play a key role in life by giving us an outlet for our creativity, helps us solve problems and learn about the world around us. Papers connects us in thoughtful and meaningful ways and helps us make important contributions to a more sustainable future. Read More
3D Printed Flower Lamps with Modular Design

With 3D printing designers, product developers, and craftsmen can introduce new kinds of customizable furniture and decorations. Just like designer Paula Szarejko, who used ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer to manufacture beautiful flower-like modular lamps. Read More
3D Printed Clock with Tourbillon Wins Pinshape’s Designer of the Month

Swiss designer Christoph Laimer has been named Pinshape’s Designer of the Month for his 3D printed watch with tourbillon. Read More
Apis Cor 3D Prints a Small House in 24 Hours for $10,000

Construction company Apis Cor shows us the future of residential housing; a building 3D printed in just 24 hours at a cost of $10,154 dollars. Read More
Accueil > Art/Design > Imprimez votre vaisselle en 3D grâce à ces designers polonais Imprimez votre vaisselle en 3D grâce à

Tout le monde a de la vaisselle chez soi, c’est indéniable. Qu’elle soit en plastique ou en porcelaine, colorée ou non, elle reste un élément essentiel à avoir dans ses placards. Aujourd’hui, on vous propose d’imprimer vous même votre vaisselle en 3D grâce aux designers polonais Justyna Faldzinska et Milosz Dabrowski qui ont conçu un set pour la table original. Read More
Pizza 3D printing startup BeeHex brings in the dough: $1M, to be exact

BeeHex, a food 3D printing startup once associated with NASA, has raised $1 million in funding to launch its new product, the Chef 3D pizza printer. The company is planning a soft launch, and will work with a handful of pilot customers throughout 2017. Read More
Tramontana's ultra-rare, bespoke sports cars now available with 3D printed parts

Barcelona-based automobile manufacturer AD Tramontana has teamed up with 3D printing bureau (and fellow Catalonian company) Eceleni to develop 3D printed components for its latest vehicles. The 3D printed car parts include dashboard components and wiper shafts. Read More
March Model of the Month: Honouring the Late King of Thailand with a 3D Printed Model

Some of you may remember that our Swedish dealer, Carl Schillander of Thaiber 3DP in Sweden, 3D printed a ‘Royal Selfie’ of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden who celebrated his 70th birthday last year. It was indeed a present fit for a King! Well Carl has not stopped there and has continued to explore ‘Royal Selfies’ and his most recent model makes March Model of the Month! Read More
At CES 2017, a Glimpse of Tech Destined to Transform Fashion

" well-represented 3-D printing — which allows designers to create one-off products at scale — may help to propel the mass-customisation movement further forward." Read More
Exocet, les sacs mutants de Yasmine Jaber et Morning Lau

Elles décident enfin de s'investir dans la création de sacs qui exprimeraient, entre savoir-faire artisanal et conception digitale imprimée en 3D, l'esthétique de notre époque. Read More
Visa survey puts 3D print designer, 3D chef as career choice of the future

Visa Europe has conducted a survey revealing the views of Millennials’ and their future careers. The results show that 3D print designer ranks highly as a key job for the future. Over 1,000 people were surveyed by the global payments technology company in order to assess the trends of future careers. Read More
CES 2017: The future of 3D printing in retail

3D printing is a rapidly growing market, but retailers have made minimal efforts to bring the technology to its shoppers. Is it a worthwhile investment? Read More
Hardware Wildcard ZMorph Showcases Multi-Headed 3D Printer

Athough it looks like an out of this world space craft, the ZMorph 2.0 SX is a very powerful, multi-tool 3D printer gauged for the professional consumer market. ZMorph has been around for quite some time, but the 2.0 SX is their latest release in the 3D printing industry. It features multiple tool heads which include a laser, a standard plastic extruder, a CNC router, and a dual-head extruder for a variety of colors. Read More

Les éditions Eyrolles viennent de sortir un nouveau cahier d’activités consacré à la modélisation 3D. « 3D pour les kids » va t’aider à créer tes propres objets. Read More
Ma vie, ma ville, en 2050

Le temps de demander à Jarvis, son robot domestique, de lancer l'imprimante 3D alimentaire pour préparer son petit déjeuner, Dina file sous la douche où l'eau est à température idéale suite à la programmation de la centrale énergétique autonome locale. Read More
3D printed clothing could be commonplace in just 10 years, Google expert Ray Kurzweil predicts

Ray Kurzweil, a machine learning expert at Google, has predicted that 3D printed clothing will experience a surge in popularity over the next decade. The expert says the growing number of 3D printable materials and easy-to-use CAD applications will act as catalysts for the trend. Read More
Zmorph Shows Off Multimaterial and Multicolor 3D Printing at CES 2017

During CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zmorph wanted to show various abilities of its ZMorph 2.0 SX, including the most popular at the moment multi-materiality. Dual extrusion and material mixing are one of the hottest topics in 3D printing right now and our machine has a lot to offer in this department. ZMorph also continues to push limits of multimaterial and multicolor 3D printing on desktop systems with these latest sample prints utilizing various functionalities of ZMorph’s DUAL PRO extruder. Read More
5 tech trends that will change the world in 2017

So what do we expect in the new year? There’s a myriad of tech trends we’re watching that will change the world once again in 2017; here’s the top five you should keep an eye on. Read More
Imprimante 3D au GLFL

Lundi 3 octobre 2016, une imprimante 3D a été installée au laboratoire technique de physique-chimie. Elle sera dédiée aux élèves de CM2, de sixième et de cinquième. Read More
How 3D Printing is Changing Jewelry Design

Even the jewelry design industry is evolving with the introduction of more advanced technology, like 3D printing, CAD, and CAM. As 3D printing, CAD, and CAM have become more widely available, they’ve been embraced by jewelry designers and manufacturers of all kinds, revolutionizing the industry in a major way for the first time in decades. If you aren’t utilizing this new technology, learn more about how it can help you create new jewelry in an efficient, cost-effective way. Read More
The 3D Printing Industry Relies on Partnerships -- As Seen at TCT Show

The past week was a very busy one for the industry — and for yours truly. I was out on the floor last week in Birmingham at the very busy TCT Show 2016, where a hall at the popular National Exhibition Centre (NEC) was utterly packed with booths featuring some of the best and brightest in additive manufacturing technologies. In conversation after conversation as I interviewed executives and representatives at booth after booth, several themes absolutely emerged — and one of the most prominent was the incredible importance of partnerships as this nascent industry continues to grow astronomically. Read More
Shapeways: 3D-Selfies and Customization will grow this €2-billion industry

Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO of Shapeways was the keynote speaker in the recent Eindhoven Startup Summit. He shared some numbers of the success of 3D-printing within just a few years of opening two factories and what’s just around the corner. And he concludes with 2 important pieces of advice! Read More
Eram booste la personnalisation avec l'impression 3D

Le chausseur Eram innove et va permettre à ses clients de personnaliser leurs chaussures en créant leurs propres talons sur-mesure grâce à l’impression 3D. Ce nouveau concept, baptisé Atelier 27 et réalisé avec l’agence de design Unistudio, était présenté en avant-première du 12 au 14 septembre sur le salon Paris Retail Week. Read More
Facebook acquires 3D printed modular consumer electronics startup Nascent Objects

Remember Nascent Objects? Back at CES at the beginning of the year, this startup presented a very intriguing concept. What if we stop replacing our smartphones and other consumer electronics at breakneck speeds, and reuse what is still good in a new 3D printed form? According to some estimates, we collectively produce up to 20 million tons of e-waste on an annual basis – and we don’t even have to. Read More
UPS to expand 3D printing services to Asia and Europe in response to storage revenue loss caused by 3D printing

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That is, in a nutshell, what UPS must’ve been thinking. They have been interested in the concept of 3D printing for some time, and have been extensively experimenting with 3D printing on-demand services in the US. But now it has come to light that 3D printing also threatens a modest, but solid, portion of UPS’s income: the storage and shipping of spare parts, the demand for which is expected to decrease as 3D printing grows. In response, UPS is now planning to expand its 3D printing services to Asia and Europe. Read More
L’impression 3D couleur, on vous explique tout !

According to financial results released by the company, Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax had a turnover of $6.7M in the first half of 2016. Read More
Printing the Next President of America

Last year, a project led by a Smithsonian team to produce a 3D printed bust of President Obama received lots of attention. It was lauded as the 21st Century means to produce a bust for the official National Portrait Gallery collection faster and easier than the traditional plaster casting techniques used to capture the likenesses of previous US presidents. Read More
The Paralympic Opening Ceremony featured a 3Dp dress

Danit Peleg is an Israeli fashion designer we’ve talked about before on multiple occasions, and it’s no wonder- her 3D printed fashion is fantastic. Since graduating from Shenkar in 2015, she has brought a fusion of technology and fashion to catwalks and tech conventions worldwide. For the 2016 Paralympic Opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro this week, American snowboarder Amy Purdy was the latest to don one of Peleg’s designs. Read More
Lowe’s offers bespoke 3D printed designs

American retailer giant Lowe’s is offering something new to its Chelsea store customers – customized 3D printing. The flagship store in Manhattan is now offering bespoke 3D printed designs for customers’ own furnishings. Read More
3D Printing Takes On the Paper Printing Industry

3D printer manufacturers traveled to Gutenberg’s home country to exhibit at “drupa,” the biggest printing tradeshow worldwide, demonstrating unexpected opportunities to thousands of attendees from around the world. Read More
Éram lance la chaussure personnalisable en moins d’une heure

Le spécialiste de la chaussure Éram va proposer à ses clientes de personnaliser leurs chaussures en créant leurs propres talons sur mesure et sous leurs yeux grâce à l’impression 3D. Le prototype de ce nouveau concept sera présenté en avant-première à l’occasion du salon Paris Retail Week, qui se tient du 12 au 14 septembre 2016. Read More
Printing a model to represent America

With the American Presidential election right around the corner I thought it might be nice to print something that’s representative of the United States. We came across this model of the Golden Eagle – not quite the American Bald Eagle but nonetheless an eagle which was officially adopted as the emblem of the United States in 1787. Read More
La mort de Lucy expliquée grâce à l’impression 3D

C’est une découverte scientifique inédite qui a été faite grâce à la fabrication additive. Des chercheurs de l’Université du Texas ont pu déterminer les causes probables de la mort de Lucy, la célèbre australopithèque ayant vécu il y a 3.2 millions d’années. Cette découverte a été réalisée grâce à une reproduction des os de Lucy à partir d’une imprimante 3D. Read More
2.5D < 3D < 4D < 5D printing: the five dimensions of 3D printing, explained.

Have you ever wondered what is 4D printing? How does 5D printing work? Is 2.5D printing really a thing? No more stress, we got you covered. We were also intrigued by these insane buzzwords. Maybe we were missing out on the next big things in our industry? So we decided to take some time to clarify these crazy terms and break down all the dimensions of 3D printing into simple concepts. Read More
Close Encounters of the 3D Kind: The Rise & Future of 3D Printed Design

The question What would you make if you had a 3D printer? elicits different answers depending on whom you ask. A child may want to print toys. An artist would make art. A war veteran missing a limb could design and produce her own prosthetic. Additive manufacturing, known as 3D printing, has given us the ability to create nearly anything, which is why there’s no right answer to the What would you make? question. Read More
Traditional Portuguese Dress Preserved in Beautiful 3D Printed Figures from Diverte

The Museu Nacional do Traje (National Costume Museum) in Portugal is dedicated to the preservation and display of Portuguese fashion from the 18th century to today. Portuguese 3D printing company Diverte has taken on a project to preserve the country’s historical dress in a different way, though – by 3D printing it. The Printed Traditions project utilizes 3D scanning and printing to create detailed representations of the traditional fashion of one region in particular: Viano do Castelo, where Diverte is based. Read More
World's First Autonomous Drone Pizza Delivery Takes Place in New Zealand

New Zealand has a lot going for it. The most obvious perk is that it’s gorgeous – I mean, come on, it’s Middle Earth. From what I’ve heard, the weather is nice, the people are friendly, and the overall pace of life is pretty relaxed – apparently it’s pretty easy to move there, too. If that’s not enough, the country just got even more appealing, because before this year is over, New Zealand residents are going to be able to get pizzas delivered by drones directly to their houses. Read More
Experienced US Reseller Reflects about ZMorph

If you are looking for a fabrication platform that is versatile, there are a few options that may pop-up during a search. But only one of these is known to us for their level of support, commitment to quality and innovation with their latest ZMorph 2.0 SX model recently added to our offer" Read More
How 3D Printing Fuels STEAM Education

Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) education has been a focus of development worldwide in recent years. Building upon conventional wisdom about STEM education, new research is inspiring teachers to add an artistic dimension to their math-and-science-based curricula. As little as one visit to a museum can yield “significant and measurable” changes in students, according to a study conducted by the University of Arkansas. Read More

At the beginning of this year, Irish company Mcor announced a new series of its paper-based 3D printers, the Arke at the CES show. Since then the company has worked to finalise this model, which is due to ship in the next month or so, and added new features along the way. Read More
The bq Witbox 2, a powerful desktop 3D printer

Today, we’re testing the bq Witbox 2, a quite stylish desktop 3D printer. This article aims to give a fair evaluation of this 3D printer through the 3D printing of standard 3D files, the famous 3DBenchy and Twisted Hex vase. Read More
You're Never Too Young for 3D Printing: Kids-Tech Launches Technology Classes for Children as Young as Three

It’s never too early to start teaching children about technology. That’s the attitude of many educators, as well as companies in the industries of 3D printing and other emerging technologies. At Kids-Tech, an organization based in Georgia, the philosophy is that the sooner kids start learning about the tech of today and of the future, the better – even if they’re only three years of age. Read More
10 Great 3D Printed Instruments

3D printing instruments now replaces wood and ivory with PLA and ABS. Makers can print the bodies of their instruments themselves. Wind instruments, string instruments and noise makers of all sorts are especially easy to 3D print. Here are some examples of ten fine 3D printed instruments. Read More
The Making of Bits & Parts 3D Printed Chair

With this 3D printed chair, you can furnish your living room or office yourself and in a unique way. Bits & Parts designed an awesome puzzle chair, which everybody can 3D print and put together making a furniture that you won’t find in any store. The design is available for free and our Chinese friends from Beets3D used it recently to test the capabilities of ZMorph multitool 3D printer. The results are really impressive. Read More
The Butterfly Effect: Quand la mode rencontre la technologie

on ne peut que saluer le design époustouflant des modèles de la créatrice Iris von Herpen "...conçus grâce à une imprimante 3D, et en collaboration avec des ingénieurs et des chercheurs du MIT. " Read More
Op-Ed | What 3D Printing Means for Fashion

3D printing has significant implications for luxury garments, shoes and bags, as well as jewellery, eyewear and watchmaking, argues Pascal Morand. Read More

At first glance, the Mcor ARKe simply looks like a color printer you could find in any office building. But the ARKe — one of few 3D printers to print in full, photorealistic color — is so much more than that. Read more: Follow us: @digitaltrends on Twitter | digitaltrendsftw on Facebook Read More
New Magnetized Planters Allow Your Garden to Levitate in the Air

For over a year, Swedish scientist Simon Morris has been experimenting with levitating plants, growing common flora while suspended in the air. This system, called LYFE, consists of a planter that hovers just over an oak base powered by strong magnetism. Through this invisible force field house plants are able to hover while also turning slowly to give equal sunlight to each of their sides. Read More
All Pokémon Go 3D Models for Free

Good news: You can now download all Pokémon 3D models for free. British ROEStudio offers 3D models of 719 Pokémon, including all Pokémon Go 3D models! Read More
Goûter à la nourriture créée par imprimante 3D à Londres

Un nouveau pop-up restaurant ouvrira cet été dans la capitale britannique et servira un menu entièrement confectionné à l'aide d'une imprimante 3D. Source: Read More
El diseñador Yono Taola lleva la impresión 3D a la pasarela.

La firma ha incluido varias piezas y complementos impresos con Witbox 2 en su última colección. Read More
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough for Mcor 3D Printers

Scanning geographical landmarks and using the data as the basis for 3D printed objects is nothing new. But as a test case for a unique 3D printing technology from Mcor, which fabricates colored objects from paper, we’re certainly impressed by their July Model of the Month Read More
Barack Obama et Donald Trump aiment l’impression 3D

le Président Barack Obama s’est essayé aux dernières technologies et a réaffirmé son intérêt pour l’impression 3D. Il en a profité pour remettre une couche au sujet du Traité transatlantique (Tafta) en soutenant les industries européennes, dont celles qui font usage de l’impression 3D. Read More
Mcor still Beats HP and Stratasys on full colour 3D Printing

"our new Mcor ARKe desktop 3D printer incorporates an inkjet print head which provides a DPI of 4800 x 2400. In terms of colours we can print 2 million colours – the most colour with the highest accuracy on the market. This is a significant difference and puts us on top in terms of full colour 3D printing capability ahead of Stratasys and HP – and not only that it’s colour right on your desktop!" Read More
Zortrax offers free filament

" For pros, or for keen enthusiasts The reasonable price tag means that the Zortrax M200 is a justifiable expense for a committed hobbyist, but it is aimed at the pro market as a rapid prototyping tool. It can handle limited run production of certain products, too, as it offers total repeatability. With high-end ABS that offers a polished finish, the end product can be every bit as good as an injection molded alternative" Read More
Scan the World at the Venice Biennale

" Invited by the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), MyMiniFactory’s Scan the World are exhibiting 3D printed sculptures at one of the most prestigious cultural organisations in the world, the Venice Biennale, Italy." Read More
Photocentric brings down resin 3D printing costs with LCD-powered Liquid Crystal 3D printer

"It’s an exciting time from the resin-based 3D printing industry, where several companies are working on what could be the next generation of high resolution 3D printing technologies...the Peterborough, UK-based Photocentric cannot be ignored ... They have developed a very clever LCD screen-based 3D printing technology called Daylight Polymer Printing, which uses low-cost hardware to realize a very high resin 3D printing resolution...they could have the power to bring resin 3D printing to home users." Read More
Photocentric: firm develops award-winning 3D printing technology

A new type of 3D printing technology developed with the support of Innovate UK has won a major award at a European innovation event. Read More
HP’s 3D printers pave the way for an interesting future

"As it stands the only way to print a colored 3D object right now is either with an MCor paper printer – it essentially paints the edges of a piece of sliced paper – or via a lengthy combination of automatic and manual dying. " Read More
The cream of the 3D printed crop: Here's the 10 best 3D printers money can buy

At first glance, the Mcor ARKe simply looks like a color printer you could find in any office building. But the ARKe — one of few 3D printers to print in full, photorealistic color — is so much more than that. Utilizing Mcor’s unique selective deposition lamination (SDL) technology, the printer fuses sheets of regular A4 office paper together, layer by layer, to create 3D objects and models up to a build volume of 9.5 x 8 x 4.9?. Read More
ZMorph demonstrates 3D printer, CNC mill, laser cutter abilities with Star Wars-themed 'sample pack'

" ZMorph has created a special ‘sample pack’, consisting of a multi-headed Star Wars wine stopper and wooden display box. 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser cutting techniques were all used to create the contents of the pack." Read More
3D Printing Applied to Modern Sculpture

"The Smart Art: It’s definitely worth seeing how various approaches towards the art and its techniques can lead to different and interesting results. " Read More
Zortrax 3D Printers are Helping Polish University Students Learn to Explore Mars

" Zortrax is one of those new rising stars in the 3D printing industry, and their Zortrax M200 made it on to almost every reputable list of 2015’s best 3D printers. While the hobby market has been taken with the M200, it has really found itself a perfect fit for education, research and prototyping applications. Especially throughout Europe" Read More

"Un très beau produit que Zmorph nous propose, considéré comme une mini-usine de bureau" Read More
Marvelous 3D Printed Shoes by Silvia Fado

In designing her 3D printed shoes, Silvia Fado is all about innovation and looking for new ways to combine technology and art in functional ways. We’re taking a closer look at her amazing works. Read More
3D printed logo becomes a functional piece that brings a brand to life!

“Mcor Technologies created a 3D version of our logo and transformed it into a bottle opener. Our company has benefited hugely from having a logo that we can touch and use as well as look at and the fact that it is printed in 3D adds an extra ‘coolness’ factor.” Read More
Is This A Thing? 3D Printed Ties?

" Designed by a software architect and manufactured on a 3D printer, 3DTie is a new category in the necktie fashion. This plastic tie has a modular construction and can be customized for every occasion." Read More
The World of Micro Models – 3D Printing Applied to the Jewelry Design

Zortax FDM can also be used for jewelry prototyping: "metalized 3D prints can fully reflect the look of the brass jewellery pieces" Read More
All-In-One 3D Printer #1: ZMorph 2.0S

Poland-based Zmorph is arguably the most successful so far. The ZMorph 2.0S can use multiple tools and materials for digital fabrication. Read More
CES 2016 3D Printing Marketplace in pictures

Irish 3D printing company Mcor Technologies brings its pioneering paper-based, full-colour 3D printing technology to the desktop with the launch of the Mcor Arke. Read More
Mcor ARKe Brings Full Color 3D Printing to the Desktop

Today at CES, Mcor announced their brand new entry into the desktop 3D printing market, the ARKe. The ARKe brings full color 3D printing to the home, office, or classroom, along with a new type of additive manufacturing that we have not seen in the desktop market thus far. Read More
Mcor launches ARKe, the first full-color desktop 3D printer that uses 2D paper instead of plastic

Mcor Technologies has today launched its first-ever full-color, paper-based desktop 3D printer, which uses non-toxic, eco-friendly A4 office paper as the build material rather than extruded plastic. Read More
Mcor’s New ARKe 3D Printer Ushers in Full-Color Desktop 3D Printing for All

Mcor presented its newest 3D printer at CES in Las Vegas. The venue was not chosen randomly, as the new Mcor ARKe will be launched at a price point that brings it within the reach of many consumers and prosumers – more or less as much as a high-end camera or computer. Read More
Mcor launch desktop full colour 3D Printing at CES with the Mcor Arke

Mcor Technologies launched the Mcor Arke, a sub-machine capable of printing photorealistic full-colour models on the desktop. Read More
Full-colour 3D printing is changing the face of plastic and reconstructive surgery

“It is what the patients want. This technology is powerful for patients in everyday practice.” Read More
Exploratory sculptor uses full-colour 3D printing to articulate vision and transcend physical form

“3D printing is ideal for producing meaningful works of art and sculpture that can’t be produced in any other way. You can articulate geometry and form in a way that transcends physical form.” Read More
IT firm expands customer base, generates new revenue with full-colour 3D printer

“We are very pleased with the Mcor 3D printer. And we believe we made the best choice among all 3D printing technologies.” Read More
Making life near volcanoes safer with paper-based 3D printing

“2D hazard maps can show people where the danger is, but a 3D printed model can show them why.” Read More
Paper-based 3D printer makes jewellery with a statement

“Mcor is a great tool for us as a fashion brand. It allows us to expand our exploration of new methods of reuse by using digital fabrication techniques in tandem with traditional handcrafting.” Read More
Mcor 3D Prints Full-Colour Bust of President Obama

Irish paper 3D printer manufacturer, Mcor, has created a full-colour model of President Obama. Read More
Mcor technologies talk HD Colour 3D Printing at TCT Show

One of the most commonly asked questions by consumers on the 3D printing industry is “When can we print in full colour?” Only one company offers colours that are matched to those of the International Colour Chart and that is Irish-based paper 3D printing company Mcor Technologies. - See more at: Read More
Tampa Bay Photo Studio Becomes the Latest to Move Into 3D

We said before that 2015 might be, among other things, the year where photogrammetric 3D scanning based 3D printed portraits will make their way into photographic studios worldwide. Cool Dims, a studio in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, has become the latest to add 3D printed portrait capabilities through, leveraging on its previous experience as professional portrait photographers. Read More
USA: Une figurine d'Hillary Clinton "prête à l'action!"

Les créateurs d'une figurine de Barack Obama pour sa campagne présidentielle de 2008 veulent récidiver cette année avec un modèle Hillary Clinton, dont les plans peuvent aussi être téléchargés et imprimés en 3D. Read More
Hillary Clinton 3D Printable Action Figure May Just Help Her Win the Presidency

Every four years we Americans have the privilege of voting in yet another presidential election, and no matter who ends up winning our votes, voters have already won in the simple fact that we were able to participate. The 2016 elections are rapidly approaching, and although the field has yet to completely emerge, we have a good idea of who the front runners will be for each party; Jeb Bush for the Republicans, and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats, despite her recent email controversy. Read More
Smithsonian Creates the First-ever 3D Presidential Portrait

The first presidential portraits created from 3-D scan data are now on display in the Smithsonian Castle. The portraits of President Barack Obama were created based on data collected by a Smithsonian-led team of 3-D digital imaging specialists and include a digital and 3-D printed bust and life mask. A new video released today by the White House (and shown below) details the behind-the-scenes process of scanning, creating and printing the historic portraits. Read More

“Learn to create. Influence change,” is the mantra of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, which is known for a rigorous, transdisciplinary curriculum in product design, transportation design, fine arts, environmental design and other creative fields. Read More

Printing companies have come a long way from the dot matrix printers of the 1970s. Today, homes and businesses everywhere have 2D printers that can quickly and inexpensively print out true color documents, graphics, and photos. 2D printing is on the decline, with tablets, smartphones, and lightweight laptops taking the place of ink and paper. Documents and photos are accessible from these always connected devices, whenever and wherever they are needed. Read More
YotaPhone 2, Samsung 105-Inch TV, and Lenovo ThinkPad Stack Among Geek Beat Best of #CES2015 Award Winners

If you’re looking for a staggering collection of the coolest tech, all gathered in one place, the International CES in Las Vegas is the place to find it. Read More

There are a number of misperceptions about Mcor’s True Colour, SDL paper-based 3D printing technology. One of those misperceptions is that 3D printed models produced by an Mcor paper-based 3D printer are not suitable as functional models or as final products. While I wouldn’t assert that an Mcor 3D printed model can be used as a production part in a working car engine, there are indeed a number of applications for which models produced on an Mcor 3D printer are very well suited for use as functional parts and even as final products. Read More
Hewlett-Packard Company May Face Color Challenges With Its Upcoming 3D Printer

In the following video, 3D printing specialist Steve Heller interviews Conor MacCormack, CEO of Mcor Technologies, an Ireland-based 3D printing company that utilizes ordinary copy paper for its printer's primary material. Mcor's 3D printers have a significantly lower operating cost, between five and 20 times cheaper than the competition's, not to mention superior color-matching capability -- thanks to the company's reliance on inkjet technology to produce full-color objects 3D-printed using ordinary copy paper. Read More
MCOR Technologies cible les écoles et universités

More Than Printing (MTP) est une société basée à Beyrouth qui propose diverses solutions clé en main pour l'éducation, la joaillerie, le dentaire, l'architecture, la médecine, etc., incluant des imprimantes 3D pour tous les budgets. L'entreprise propose deux types de machine MCOR : l'Iris qui permet d'imprimer des objets en couleurs et la Matrix 300. Read More
Mcor True Color paper-based 3D printing shines at CES 2015

Mcor True Color paper-based 3D printing shines at CES 2015 Read More
How a man used 3D printing to help treat his wife's brain tumor

In the summer of 2013, Pamela Shavaun Scott started having "24/7 severe headaches" — so severe that she couldn't sleep. It wasn't before December that she heard for sure that it was a brain tumor. Initially, when Scott had an MRI, radiologists seemed unconcerned when they discovered a mass over an inch in diameter. About three months later, after another MRI, doctors said that it had ballooned about half a centimeter, a sign of malignance. Scott's husband, Michael Balzer, requested her DICOM files, which are commonly used for medical imaging. Read More
Does Color Make That Much Difference to 3D Prints?

If you’re 3D printing components or parts for use in a machine, probably not. The value of those prints is typically the function provided by the shape and strength and has little to do with its appearance. On the other hand, if your print’s purpose is visual there’s more to the story. Consider the side by side views of the print in the image at top. These were in fact, the same 3D model printed once in monocolor and again in full color, both on an MCOR Iris color 3D printer. Read More
Beyond plastic: Talking new directions in 3D printing

CNET's Donald Bell hosts a panel discussion with Other Machine Co., Formlabs and MCOR, three companies with unique offerings in the increasingly crowded world of 3D printers. Read More
The most expensive gear at CES 2015

From wallet busters that are available now, to prototypes you'll need to start saving for ASAP, here's a sample of products that bear some of the the most jaw-dropping price tags we saw at the show. Read More
3D printing industry announcements

Mcor featured on Fox News Read More
3D Printing: Top Areas to Watch in 2015

In the following video, 3D printing specialist Steve Heller reports from the floor of EuroMold 2014, the world's largest 3D printing conference, held in Frankfurt, Germany last month, to share the biggest areas he thinks investors and industry watchers should monitor in 2015 and beyond. Going forward, it's important for 3D printing investors to monitor industry developments to determine if they could have a material impact on their investments. Read More
Why 3D Printing Needs to Take Off in Schools Around the World

When it comes to 3D printing, there are limitless ways in which the technology can be utilized. Businesses, hobbyists, and educational institutions are beginning to fully understand some of the potential benefits that the technology can provide. 3D printing has, and will continue to, provide a means for inventors, innovators, and visionaries to easily fabricate prototypes for designs which they could only depict via 2-dimensional drawings and diagrams in the past. Read More
L’impression 3D, une révolution ?

On dit que les plus grandes révolutions sont silencieuses, l’impression tridimensionnelle fait partie de ces changements qui s’infiltrent à notre insu dans la société humaine. Vous ne faites pas une overdose de science fiction, les décors de cette histoire ne se situent pas dans des studios hollywoodiens, mais bien dans les couloirs des plus grandes universités du monde. Car l’impression 3D a prouvé qu’elle pouvait rendre obsolètes nos méthodes de production et amorcer un nouveau virage créatif. Read More
3D Printing Becomes Standard Equipment for UK Schools

UK Education Secretary Michael Gove announced England's schools will use a new "national curriculum" commencing in September 2014. While the new curriculum contains a variety of improvements, there is a rather interesting inclusion: exposure and basic training on the use of advanced technologies such as robotics and 3D printing. Read More

Is it possible that we are already a week into December? Incredibly, it’s true. So, in the spirit of the season that has so quickly come upon us, we bring you December’s Mcor Model of the Month, an exquisite ornament created with an Mcor IRIS True Colour, paper-based 3D printer. Read More
The Mcor IRIS 3D Printer earns an Easy A

For students at the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago – SAIC – 3D printing was an experience that limited their expression and usually broke their bank accounts. Most 3D printing options available to students restricted them to a single color, or a small handful of basic colors. Read More
13 Universities Investing Heavily in 3D Printing

Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have both conducted pioneering research projects in additive manufacturing and bioprinting. Read More
Move Over, iPhone Cases. Here's Where No 3-D Printer Has Gone Before

Over the past few years, Ireland-based Mcor has drawn attention for being the only manufacturer of 3-D printers that use ordinary copy paper you might buy at Staples as the building material. By relying on paper and a water-based adhesive, Mcor is able to brag about its eco-friendliness and big cost-savings on materials. And then there's the color.Mcor's $50,000 Iris 3-D printer can produce realistic replicas by first using water-based color on the paper, before it's fed into the main printer. Read More
Mcor Sweetens Their Iris 3D Printer Package Deals for US Schools With Three Years of Unlimited Free Consumables

With the current global push to further STEM education and encourage students to explore new technology, Mcor is right on track. Mcor Technologies is sharing their 3D printing technology and making it extremely affordable for schools in the US that purchase Mcor IRIS 3D printer education packages by December 15, 2014. With those packages, schools will receive three years of unlimited free consumables for their Mcor paper-based 3D printers. Read More

Two weeks ago Keith Brown, Professor of Sculpture and Digital Technologies/Director of Art and Computing Technologies at the Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art & Design (MIRIAD), Manchester Metropolitan University delivered a notably insightful talk at the TCT Show + Personalize event in Birmingham, UK. Read More
2D Printing Press Expands to 3D Paper Printing with Mcor

With the proliferation of tablets and digital readers, traditional publishing houses and printing presses may begin to feel a financial strain. Even if e-books can never replace the tangible experience of holding an actual book, there is the fear that physical books will become, if not obsolete, substantially less popular. Read More
Green Award for Mcor Technologies

Selective Deposition Lamination (SDL) or paper 3D printing was invented by brothers, Dr. Conor and Fintan MacCormack, in a bid to democratise ‘innovation,’ by creating a set of accessible 3D printing tools based on SDL technology that would provide the freedom to innovate in an unlimited way, and without sacrificing the Earth. Read More
Mcor Shows Off Its True Colours And “Green” Is Definitely One of Them

Not all 3D printers are created equal, and, although some are definitely “more equal” than others, broard FFF platform adoption has unleashed inventors’ creativity, with many people all over the world coming up with — and commercialising — their own, very particular, version of the technology. At an industrial level many companies have built upon previous experiences especially with SLA, DLP, SLS and Inkjet (binder) powder 3D printing Read More

Whether you’re educating university students in design, architecture and fine arts or PhD candidates in the most advanced engineering programs, you have a wide range of 3D printers and technologies to choose from. It’s tempting to immediately gravitate to 3D printers you hear a lot about in the media. And the low initial purchase prices of plastic-based hobby-grade 3D printers certainly make them interesting. Read More
This Company Easily Converts the Customers of 3D Systems Corporation and Stratasys, Ltd.

Ireland-based Mcor Technologies has an easy time converting 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD ) and Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS ) customers, as its paper-based monochrome and full-color professional 3-D printers operate at a fraction of their cost. Instead of locking customers into expensive proprietary materials like 3D Systems and Stratasys, Mcor's 3-D printers use ordinary copy paper found in offices around the world. Read More
Lebanon: Arab Printing Press Invests In 3D Printing Solution From MCOR

Arab Printing Press (APP), one of the biggest commercial printers in Lebanon has selected Mcor IRIS as its colour 3D Printer. In an interview with ME Printer Elie Raphael, Chairman and GM at APP said,” Our strategy is to expand and diversify into other sectors of printing industry and 3D printing has lot of potential. It opens new doors for us and expands our horizon. On the other hand we chose Mcor because their 3D printing equipment works with standard A4 papers. Read More
Mcor displays durable, lowest cost, best colour 3D printing at SolidWorks World 2014

Mcor displays durable, lowest cost, best colour 3D printing at SolidWorks World 2014 Read More
3D Printing Video Interview With MCOR Technologies – 3D Printing Trade Show Interview

The most innovative organizations – from automotive, industrial machinery, aerospace and defense to footwear, sporting goods, consumer goods, consumer electronics and medical equipment – rely on 3D printing and rapid prototyping throughout the product design and development process and across the organization to accelerate time to market, cut costs, improve designs and win new business. Hear the latest interview with Mcor technologies. All part of the 3D Printing revolution. Read More
Mcor Technologies Appoints MTP As Authorised Reseller In The Middle East And Ivory Coast

Mcor Technologies Ltd, manufacturer of the only line of desktop paper-based 3D printers in the world, and winner of the 2013 Brand of the Year Award, announced today that it has added More than Printing (MTP) as its Authorized Reseller in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Ivory Coast. MTP joins Mcor’s rapidly-growing list of reselling partners worldwide. Furthermore, Arab Printing Press (APP) has selected Mcor IRIS as its colour 3D Printer. Read More
Mcor Technologies’ Unprecedented Colour 3D Printing Capability Now Available In Adobe Photoshop CC

Mcor Technologies Ltd, manufacturer of the only line of desktop paper-based 3D printers in the world, and winner of the 2013 Brand of the Year Award, announced today that the profile for their Mcor IRIS 3D printer is included in the latest version of Adobe® Photoshop® CC, released today. Photoshop CC users can now select the Mcor IRIS, the world’s most colour capable 3D printer, from a drop-down menu in the software, enabling them to print directly to a locally connected IRIS. Read More
This Professional 3-D Printer Costs Almost Nothing to Operate

Mcor Technologies, a 3-D printing company based in Ireland, has an entirely different approach to the market. Instead of selling 3-D printers that lock customers into costly proprietary materials, which generate lucrative streams of recurring revenue throughout the life of the printers, Mcor's 3-D printers rely on the standard A4 paper that's found in virtually every office around the world. In a competitive market where companies like 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD ) and Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS ) have embraced a glorified razor-and-blade business model, Mcor believes that democratizing access to professional 3-D printing technology is a key stepping stone toward furthering 3-D printing adoption... Read More
This Disruptive 3-D Printer's Opportunity Is Deceivingly Large

Although Mcor Technologies, the disruptive Ireland-based 3-D printing company, only uses regular copy paper as its main 3-D printing material to keep operating costs low, its market opportunity is surprisingly large. Conceptual models and early stage prototypes are Mcor's bread and butter, making its products great fits for product developers that produce a high volume of models and prototypes and are looking to lower their operating costs compared to 3D Systems' (NYSE: DDD ) and Stratasys' (NASDAQ: SSYS ) offerings. In terms of market opportunity, virtually every marketed product or industrial component starts off as an early prototype or model... Read More
Mcor IRIS 1st 3D printer to embrace international colour accuracy standard

Mcor Technologies has announced that its flagship Mcor IRIS paper true-colour 3D printer is the first 3D printer to abide by a global colour accuracy standard... Read More
Mcor Technologies unveils Mcor FLEX finishing option

Manufacturer of the world's only line of paper 3D printing machines, Mcor Technologies Ltd, has announced a new flexible finishing option for its IRIS and Matrix printers... Read More
Can you build a business and roi with MCOR 3d printing ?

The explosive growth of 3D printing over the last few years has prompted entrepreneurs from all walks of life to develop innovative new businesses centered around the technology. Some of these businesses are spin offs of existing companies that have arisen out of high demand. In other cases, enterprising people have searched high and low and found the big idea that will allow them to make a lot of money with the technology... Read More
Brand of the year MCOR technologies

Mcor Technologies was formed to democratise innovation by creating a set of accessible tools based on Selective Deposition Lamination (SDL) 3D printing technology, which would provide the freedom to innovate in an unlimited way. This journey started in 2005 with the vision of a future where everyone can easily turn their ideas into low-cost, full-colour, eco-friendly, professional-quality 3D objects... Read More
MCOR technologies and staples division launch 3d printing service

FRANKFURT, GERMANY, 29 November, 2012 – In a giant step toward the reality of 3D printing for all, Mcor Technologies Ltd has struck a deal with Staples Printing Systems Division to launch a new 3D printing service called “Staples Easy 3D,” online via the Staples Office Centre... Read More
3D printing the 'next revolution' in manufacturing: President Obama

In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledged the revival of the long-suffering U.S. manufacturing economy, and points to 3D printing as the technology that will create even more manufacturing opportunities... Read More