Mcor 3D printers set the standard for truly accessible 3D printing, with unprecedented affordability, photorealistic colour, ease of use, safety and eco-friendliness. Our 3D printers suit a variety of customer needs, from education to a wide range of the most demanding applications in manufacturing, AEC, civil engineering, GIS, medicine, fine arts and cultural preservation, entertainment, and consumer service bureaus.

  • Mcor ARKe It’s a small printer with Big Ideas
  • Mcor Iris Lowest cost, eco-friendly, full color 3D printer
  • Mcor Matrix 300+ Lowest-cost, eco-friendly monochrome 3D printer

Improve designs by printing more models more often

Lowest Cost

  • Uses affordable, ubiquitous standard office paper
  • Cost per model 5-20% of other technologies
  • Ongoing cost is one-fifth of any other 3D printing technology

Use colour to enhance communication

Unmatched Colour Capability

  • first 3D printer to abide by ICC color mapping that provides unprecedented color accuracy for a truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) read more
  • Ink is designed for paper
  • High colour fidelity and photorealistic models
  • Consistent colour from screen to model, model to model and on undercuts and sidewalls
  • Over a million colours, more than any other 3D printer
  • No need to coat colour models; even uncoated, the colour is rich and vibrant and the models durable

Gain a competitive advantage

Highest Quality

  • FLEX, a new finishing option which provides flexible 3D printing models that are pliable, water resistant, while remaining low cost and durable read more
  • Realistic models with fine detail
  • Tough, durable models; even ones that haven’t been coated
  • Models are tactile; not rough or heavy

Use in office or school environment

Most Eco-Friendly, Safe & Easy to Use

  • Quiet, non-toxic and safe
  • Paper, water-based glue and ink are fully recyclable
  • Printer can use pre-used paper
  • No chemicals needed to dissolve support material
  • No toxic fumes to vent, messy powders to vacuum or dust
  • Takes only minutes to remove a model from the supporting paper